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We provide one-stop book services for authors, independent publishers, and business professionals. Get complete book design and publishing services. Cover designs, book formatting/ layout designs, ebook conversions, audiobook covers, children’s book designs, print management, author websites, and more. If you are an author, or independent publisher, we can help you publish your book to increase reader engagements, expand your market, and business.

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Book Cover

Attractive Book Cover Design
for Paperback, Hardcover
and ebook.


Format/layout design
for paperback
and ebook


Make 3D mockups, social
media kit and promo


Print books as
according to your


Yes, but please make sure you have the rights to use it in design.


2. Subtitle

3. Author’s name

4. Book blurb for the back cover

5. Author’s bio for the back cover

6. Author’s image for the back cover

7. On what platform will the book be published

8. The size of the book and the number of pages 9. ISBN (if needed)

All the rights for the cover usage belong to you after the order is approved.

The source file is the editable file format, which allows you to make corrections on the book cover by yourself.

If you have a chance to provide some examples of book cover designs that you’re keen on, it is welcomed!

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We have a background in book cover designing, interior book layout design/ formatting, book publishing and printing. We have been doing this for nearly 10 years for all leading publishing platforms like Amazon KDP, CreateSpace, iBooks, Barnes & Noble Press, Kobo, IngramSpark, Smashwords,and Draft2Digital. We enjoy creating unique book cover designs and interior page layout designs. We can help you to create book designs based on your mind’s eye that will grab the audience’s attention and captures the essence of your writing.

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I am new to the publishing world, and had to learn the procedures while going through them. Bookdesignrr was patient and understanding, even though it took longer than we had planned. The covers for all three versions are outstanding, as are the social media products. I’m a lifelong writer and a perfectionist about the final outcome. I proofed the book carefully until every page met my needs. It was good money spent on this investmentdesignrr
Angela Rose
I loved working with Bookdesignrr! They are such a thoughtful persons and took time to attend to every little detail. Their professionalism with book design is top-notch. They even included more mockups than I expected. I’ll definitely be doing more projects with them in the near future. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent job.designrr
Edie Boudreau

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